My Patch My Place by Jean Martin

My Patch - My Place

16 AUG – 10 SEP 2022

 In her own words – Jean Martin “I’d have to say that most people who know me know that I fly by the seat of my pants – and mostly I’m busy doing something. I settled in the Valley 30 years ago…Love the Place, the walks, the history, its people, and of course, the colour throughout the year. It’s this that inspires me to paint and draw from time to time. I’ve always dabbled – having a go – working quickly. I feel I’m like this because I’ve spent all of my life on the go – I’m from an army family background and we moved around a great deal. Every 18 months in fact. Anywhere from Newcastle to Plymouth – and everywhere in-between. Homes and schools – 20 or so – I’ve lost count – but I always picked up a paint brush. As I have become older, I’d like to think that painting in some medium will be my forever pastime.”