Peter Kelly is a master martial artist in the old sense. In Japanese tradition, Peter has studied both sword and brush, an integral part of mastery that stems to ancient times in Japan, where the brush was considered to be the sword of the mind.

Just like those old masters, Peter has always studied and painted in conjunction with his martial training. This creates a Yin/Yang balance in a martial artist that has been respected in Japanese society since time immemorial. Sword and brush are one, the hand of the master is the eye of the universe.

Peters’s artistic hero is Vincent, and he paints as Vincent did in oil impasto, wet paint on wet paint in a single sitting to capture the feeling of the moment, this also stems from his martial training where they Japanese warriors believed nothing exists except this moment, and poured forth all of their energy into the eternal now.

Peter was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2017, and when not painting and being a Father, travels the world teaching on behalf of his Japanese Master. This has given him the opportunity to visit on many occasions the worlds top art galleries, to observe the masters and inspire his own creative intuitions