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  • 36 Gouache Colour Paints


    With a full range of colours, this art supply set by Djeco will make the perfect addition to any young child s art and craft kit. This set features 36 colours of gouache paints which are thick and full of pigment giving them a superior covering ability and are quick drying.

  • Paper Marbling Kit


    This range of marbling paints is suitable for paper. Very easy – just drop in water and stir with a Satay Stick. 6 colours in the kit. Best results on absorbent paper such as Newsprint. Coloured ink droplets must hit a floating paper disc before spreading over the water surface. Step 1: Fill a tray…

  • 12 Colour Cakes Classic


    This pack of 12 high quality gouache paints is perfect for young artists. Gouache paint is thick and heavy with pigment for superior coverage. This set comes with 12 pots of paint and a quality paint brush.

  • Do It Yourself Poetic Garden Books


    Decorate the beautiful exercise book and notebook by embroidering the front covers. Each cover is perforated to make it easier to pass through the needle. Great for playdates, school holiday activities, birthday parties or crafting days. Do it yourself is a range of fun and creative activities designed to develop patience, creativity and dexterity.

  • Sunprint Kit 20x30cm x15 Sheets


    Sunprint Photographic Paper Sheets Contains: x15 20x30cm sheets of solar paper and 1 acrylic overlay Developed by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science USA. Photographic process using only sun, water, and a bit of imagination. Place a fern, flower, or other object on the special paper and set it in the sun briefly. Then…

  • Quilling Paper 4mm 2500’s

  • Origami Paper 15x15cm 100’s Plain


    60 gsm, two-toned double sided paper squares in 10 colour combinations. Ideal for origami and other paper crafts. Paper is conveniently packed in a sturdy plastic reusable case. 15 x 15cm. Pkt of 100

  • Kraft Brown Spiral Sketchbook 30 x 43cm


    Brown Kraft card spiral sketchbook with hard cover. Can be used for scrapbooking, painting, drawing, journal writing or project work. 43 x 30cm, 40 sheets

  • Kraft Mini Notebooks 7.5 x 7.5cm


    Miniature notebooks with 46 sheets. Ideal for gifts. Create a keepsake, cover and personalise or make a mindful or a reflective journal. 7.5 x 7.5cm. Sold individually or in packs of 12

  • Thick Charcoal Natural 9mm 25’s


    These natural willow charcoal sticks provide smooth coverage in a soft-medium grade. Obtain easy shading from black to pale velvety greys. Great for laying ground and blocking in large shaded areas. Approx. 9mm thickness x 135mm length. NB: As this is a natural product, thickness may vary.

  • Charcoal Natural 3-6mm 25’s Medium


    These natural willow charcoal sticks provide smooth coverage in a soft-medium grade. Obtain easy shading from black to pale velvety greys. Delicate sticks are great for warm up work. Approx. 6mm thickness x 135mm length. NB: As this is a natural product, thickness may vary.

  • Jumbo Hexagonal Colour Pencils 12’s


    These thick hexagonal coloured pencils have a 5mm lead. They are great for young children as they are easy to hold. Made from recycled and reclaimed FSC certified wood. 12 assorted colours. Packed in a handy reusable cardboard cylinder.

  • Triangular Shaped Colour Pencils 24’s


    Colour pencils, ideal for colouring projects or school. Triangular shape is great for encouraging correct hand position and prevents pencils from rolling off the table onto the floor and breaking. Packaged in a convenient dispenser and great storage cylinder. Casing made from recycled and reclaimed FSC certified wood. 24 assorted colours.

  • Woodless Watercolour Pencils 24’s


    24 brilliant colours that will disperse with water. These woodless, long-lasting pencils give excellent coverage and colours will bleed and blend beautifully. Best sharpened with a knife. Note: The nature of these pencils being wood-free makes them fragile to breaking when dropped or used heavy-handed. Handle with care for best, long lasting results.

  • Primecolours Drawing Pencils 48’s


    48 assorted colour, high-quality pencils. Colours easily layer, blend & shade.  Soft, smooth and non-waxy with vibrant & lightfast colour.  Durable wooden storage case with metal clasp means pencils are kept safe, easily accessible and makes colour selection simple.

  • Silky Crayons Canvas Bag – Fox


    A sweet little canvas bag that contains 6 silky crayons in bright colours. You will not believe just how ‘smoothly’ these crayons glide across a page. Little kids LOVE these crayons! Age 3+

  • 12 Colour Pencils


    12 colours of quality colour pencils ready for any masterpiece! Recommended for Ages 3+ years Add to wishlist