Dumye Dolls With Purpose: Doll Making Kit – Talking Heads

There is so much to love about these DIY (Design It Yourself) Doll Kits. They’re inspired by the doll making workshops that Dumye hosted with underprivileged children. The materials inside the kits are made with natural and sustainable materials including the blank doll, which provides economic opportunity for women in a poor rural community. Everything needed to design and create a doll of your own is tucked inside this super cute cardboard suitcase, including step-by-step instructions. We even have video tutorials! 

If you’re looking for something crafty to gift a little maker or designer in the making… this kit is perfect!!! Aunties and grandmas have been known to champion these kits as well because they’re a fun way to connect with the important children in their lives.

Kits include 3 Cotton Fabrics, 2 Accessories, 8 Fabric Markers, 2 Needles, Embroidery Thread, 2 Felt Squares, 100% Marino Wool, Fairtrade Organic Cotton Doll, Giant Activity Poster, 7 Clothing & Accessory Sewing Patterns

Suitable for children 5+ years old: We recommend this activity kit for children at least 5 years old and with the help of an adult, as there are sharp objects such as sewing needles inside. The older the child is the more independent they will be able to work and the more elaborate the results will be.

Doll Materials: Body 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton and Polyfill Stuffing

Size: 16.5 in / 42 cm Tall (size may vary slightly)

Machine Washable: Place doll in a garment bag and wash on a cold delicate cycle. Lay doll flat out to dry. DO NOT PUT DOLL IN THE DRYER.

Made in the United Arab Emirates from local and/or imported components.