Paper Marbling Kit

This range of marbling paints is suitable for paper. Very easy – just drop in water and stir with a Satay Stick. 6 colours in the kit. Best results on absorbent paper such as Newsprint. Coloured ink droplets must hit a floating paper disc before spreading over the water surface.

Step 1: Fill a tray with water. Float a wet paper disc on the surface. Squeeze a few drops of colour onto disc. NB: Cut a circle from a magazine page as a substitute for the provided paper disc.

Step 2: The colour will disperse over the surface. Continue adding different colours. Use a satay stick or marbling comb to marble colours together.

Step 3: Slowly place a sheet of paper at one end of the tray and roll it down over the water’s surface.

Step 4: Peel back the paper to reveal the marbled design. Leave to dry.